Monday Missive – October 21, 2019

Two Poems for Now — I have long admired Elijah Cummings, the congressman from Baltimore who died last week, so I paid particular attention to the news coverage surrounding his passing.  Several of the stories that I saw on television included a video clip of the very first speech he ever gave in Congress back in 1996. In this speech, he recited the following poem titled “Just a Minute” by the famed civil rights leader Benjamin Mays:

I only have a minute,...

Monday Missive – October 14, 2019

Pictures by Paula Eckard

Bridging the Years — For me, attending Leon Gatlin’s memorial service last week had a bittersweet quality to it.  I felt a sense of sadness, but I also took pleasure in seeing so many former members of our department gathered together to remember and honor Leon.  As I exchanged greetings with these retired members of our department, memories of my early days in the department kept surfacing.  

Seeing David Amante and John McNair together,...


Halloween Treats 2019

Time to continue what has been the longest-running tradition on this blog: posting a collection of classic (freely available) horror stories for folks to read during the creepy season!  The list of past posts is getting too long to share in full again, but you can search “Halloween Treats” on my blog to find past editions.  The 2018 edition included a recap of some of my favorite stories through the years.

But let’s get to it!

The Eyes, Edith Wharton (1910). ...

Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics, available now!!!

Unexpectedly, it turns out that my new popular science book, Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics, has been released earlier than expected! Folks are already getting their copies in the mail! So if you’ve been waiting to order it until it was actually available, now it is! Click the link above to get it from Amazon, or click this link to order directly from Yale University Press!

PS I should note that both the audible version of the book as well as the kindle version are...

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