Neoliberal Legitimacy in Politics & Music: On Cooper’s Family Values & Chapman’s The Jazz Bubble

I couldn’t find a place for this piece on Melinda Cooper’s Family Values & Dale Chapman’s The Jazz Bubble, so here is a very long and unedited version of it. If any editor wants to run a shorter, cleaner version,......

Monday Missive – December 10, 2018

International Accord — My Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary provides the following definition for the word accord:  “to bring into agreement; … to be consistent or in harmony.”  This word popped into my mind as I was leaving the Oxford Education Research Symposium last Friday afternoon.  Of the many conferences that I have attended over the decades, this one is by far the most international in nature.  This year’s Oxford Education...


History of the Conservation of Energy: Booms, Blood, and Beer (Part 1)

Another post inspired by my research into my Falling Felines and Fundamental Physics book!

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but merely converted from one form to another.

Such is a typical statement of the law of conservation of energy, one of the most important unifying principles of physics.  We constantly experience its effects in our day to day lives, whether we recognize it or not.  When we accelerate our car, for instance, chemical energy in the fuel is converted...

Burnt Offerings, by Robert Marasco

For many years, I marveled at what appeared to be a genuine dearth of quality haunted house novels.  There are a number of undeniable classics, such as Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror (1977), Stephen King’s The Shining (1977), Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House (1959), and Richard Matheson’s Hell House (1971), but beyond these it becomes much harder to find good examples.

It turns out that there are, however, plenty of amazing haunted...

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