My Guest Post on Bart Ehrman’s Blog

  I wanted to thank Bart Ehrman, my colleague down the road at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for inviting me to guest post on his popular Blog. My post, titled “The Historian and the Supernatural,” will appear in two parts–today and tomorrow. I have also agreed to respond to comments as [...]...

Why a “Spiritual” Resurrection is the Only Sensible Option

Jews, Christians, and Muslims all affirm the doctrine of “resurrection of the dead” as a central tenet of eschatology–that is, the understanding of the “last things” or how human history is to end. One common misunderstanding, especially among Christians, is that resurrection of the dead is equivalent to the idea of corpse revival, namely that [...]...


Old School Dungeons & Dragons: Part 12

Time again for another compilation of old School Dungeons & Dragons posts from twitter! I am still not tired of exploring the history and mechanics of classic RPGs and the adventures written for them.

Bughunters (1993), by Lester Smith. We begin with a look at a non-D&D roleplaying game produced by TSR in the early 90s, whose core conceit is pretty much given away in the title!

Bughunters was one of numerous worlds designed for use with the Amazing Engine gaming system,...

Fake Book Titles Extravaganza #3!

Time for another round of Fake Book Titles that I’ve done, compiled from twitter!  You can see compilation 1 and compilation 2 at the links. These have proven to be a welcome distraction in stressful times. And, wow, I’ve done a lot since part 2!

As always with these, content warning for language, innuendo, and politics!

Original title: The Caves of Mars.

Original title: En El Centro de La Terra (Spanish version of At the Earth’s Core.) I wasn’t sure...