Philosophy, Private Property, and Sound

This is a quick post; I’m sure I’ll come back to it later. However, I have some thoughts I want to capture before they’re gone.   After reading and teaching Ashon Crawley’s Blackpentecostal Breath, I’ve been thinking a lot about......

Monday Missive – April 24, 2017

Our Students’ Winning Ways — Last Friday was a remarkable day for many of the students associated with the English Department.  Not only were 25 of our students recognized at our annual Student Awards Ceremony, but a number of our students achieved recognition at two other events that also took place on Friday.

Peter Fields

During an awards ceremony sponsored by the Graduate School, Peter Fields received the Graduate School’s Outstanding Teaching...


What is quantum entanglement? Part 2: Randomness and measurement

This is part 2 in a lengthy series of posts attempting to explain the idea of quantum entanglement to a non-physics audience.  Part 1 can be read here.

So, by the mid 1920s, physicists had made significant progress in developing the new quantum theory.  It had been shown that light and matter each possess a dual nature as waves and particles, and Schrödinger had derived a mathematical equation that accurately described how the wave part of matter evolves in space and...

Creepy cobweb coats New Zealand soccer field

Creepy cobweb coats New Zealand soccer field:

When spiders get together and make a huge web, it’s either a delight or a terror, depending on how you feel about spiders!

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