A Married Jesus: Why I Changed My Mind

Back in 2015 I published a piece in the Huffington Post dealing with what I consider to be reasonably strong evidence for a “married Jesus” and within hours it drew thousands of responses and hundreds of comments–positive, negative, and even threatening and denunciatory.  Clearly this is a topic that generates more heat than light–both then and now. The [...]...

Monday Missive – August 14, 2017


Reflections on the Eclipse — In a very literal way, the hullabaloo surrounding the start of the fall 2017 semester is being eclipsed by an eclipse.  On August 21, during our New Student Convocation, we will experience a solar eclipse.  Well, what’s an English professor to do when faced with such a celestial phenomenon?  For me, at least, the upcoming solar eclipse has prompted me to retrieve my copy of Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King...


Paintings I Love, Painting Is Love: A Storify

Somewhat despairing of all the relentlessly bad news in politics and the world, today I decided to post a series of beautiful paintings on twitter as a bit of an antidote.  I invited anyone else to offer their own favorites, and it turned into a rather large and lovely thread.  I compiled all the tweets into a Storify, and thought that I would share that link here for those not on twitter.  A sample:

10 years of Skulls in the Stars

I’ve been traveling a bit again lately and been rather busy with work, so I haven’t had much time to blog.  I wanted to acknowledge, however, a rather significant milestone of this site: today officially marks the ten year anniversary of Skulls in the Stars.

Sadly, I got some potentially bad news in my personal life today, as well, so I am still not super-motivated to write, but it seemed wrong to not acknowledge such a big date.  I started Skulls in the Stars on August...

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