Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Gordon Hull

Do Brands Produce Value? Thoughts on de-fetishizing use value

Brands are of increasing importance to capitalism.  As an insightful book by Franck Cochoy argues, this is part of the logic of […]

Notes on Big Data, Marx, Time, and the Production of Value

There is a running debate in critical theory circles about the applicability of Marxian analysis to big data specifically, and to an […]

Did Big Data Create President Trump?

One of the more perplexing things about the Trump presidency is why it exists in the first place: he took office having lost the popular […]

Agency Biopower: The Juridical Force Awakens

One of the most prominent features of biopolitics is the emergence of administrative law.  Created by statutory authority, numerous […]

More on the Troubling Neoliberal Privatization of Health Care

Developments this week highlight the problems with the neoliberal decision to privatize medicine in the U.S.  Certainly the Affordable […]

Squaring the Circle on Big Data, Class, Value and Primitive Accumulation

A recent paper by Hamid Ekbia presents an interesting Marxian theory of the relation between exploitation and computer networks.   The […]

Self-Tracking, Big Data, and the questions of Subjectification and Primitive Accumulation

One question surrounding big data – in addition to well-established worries about privacy and discrimination – that is starting to get […]

Trump Attacks Privacy of Non-Americans in the U.S.

Amidst the general horror that is Trump’s xenophobic and bigoted executive orders, and in the executive order attacking sanctuary cities, […]

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept: Papers on Foucault, and on Spinoza

I’ve just uploaded a (relatively minor) revision of my SPEP paper from this fall in Salt Lake City to SSRN.  The paper is […]

Trump and Neoliberalism

What does the Trump election mean for neoliberalism as a doctrine?  Adam Kotsko over at An und für sich has some interesting thoughts on […]
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