Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

Gordon Hull

The 2016 Election and Racism, Soft and Structural

Foucault famously proposed that biopolitics – the power to foster life, or allow it to die – tended to produce its own outside […]

Issue Opinion Polls are Bad Biopolitics

I am not the first to say this (I believe Habermas critiqued opinion polls in Theory of Communicative Action, though I bet he didn’t use […]

Regimes of Accumulation

In a new paper, Maximilian Fochler conducted a series of structured interviews with scientists to make an STS point: when we think of […]

New paper: Parrhesia under Neoliberalism

(From the Dept. of Shameless Self-Promotion) I have just uploaded to ssrn a paper on Foucault’s last two College de France lecture […]

On Brexit, Regulations and Austerity

People in the UK today are voting on whether to leave the EU, in what has universally become known as the “Brexit.”  Current polling […]

Quiet Neoliberalism: K-12 Edition

One of the important parts in understanding neoliberalism as a particular dispositive of power (or perhaps a mode of biopower – that […]

Kajieme Powell, Charles Kinsey, and “Blue Lives Matter” in an age of structural racism

August 19 was the two-year anniversary of the shooting death of Kajieme Powell, an unarmed black man who robbed a convenience store, and […]

The Internet of Nature

Big Data theorists have, for a while, been warily eyeing the growth of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), which is when “smart” […]

Abortion Rights Vindication, or: Moral objections aren’t thereby Scientific

The Supreme Court delivered a major victory for reproductive rights today in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, striking down two of […]

Elsevier eats SSRN

If you’re an SSRN user, you got the notice in your Inbox yesterday; if you’re not, follow the links at the top of Leiter’s post here. […]
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